Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-Friendly ProductsThe expression “Go for the Green “usually brought only golf to mind.  But today it can also bring to mind products that are "eco friendly".  Statistics prove that every year more people are thinking about the world and what it takes to keep it running efficiently.  Eco friendly promotional products have increased over the years to meet the growing demand for friendly earth products.

Companies are now offering recycled fabrics, products made of corn and organic materials.  Recycled fabrics start with discarded materials, such as water bottles, which are stripped of the label, washed and smashed.  They are turned into pellets and then into fibers.  The fibers are spun into yarn and woven or knitted into fabrics to make the finished product.  Corn plastics are made from corn and look and feel just like plastic. Corn plastic will compost in 30-45 days.  Organic products are made from bamboo, organic cotton and hemp.   For 100% organic products, only environmentally friendly chemicals that meet organic fiber processing standards are used.

Eco-Friendly ClothingThere are a lot of eco friendly promotional products to imprint your company logo on.  Bamboo products include flash drives, pens and clothing.  Organic cotton products include bags, clothing and hats.  Products that use recycled products include pens, bags and travel mugs. Mugs

MugsEstablish yourself as an environment friendly company to your customers by using Eco friendly advertising campaigns


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